Choosing the styles for holding a golf stick

For golfers who have small hands, you can try holding the interlocking stick or locking style. In the style of holding golf clubs popularized by Jack Nicklaus, Rory Mcllroy and Tiger Woods, the little finger of the right hand is connected or above the index finger of the left hand. Aside from that, you may go to if you want to find a recommended golf course in Thailand.

There is also the style of the overlapping grip or Vardon grip where the little finger is positioned in the corner between the middle finger and the index finger. The style of holding the stick is a style that is popular in the game of golf and is often done by big-handed players.

Beginner players with a weak grip, experience arthritis or small hands also often use the style of a baseball grip or 10 finger grip. On how to hold this golf stick, the little finger touches the index finger of the hand below it.

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