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Grammar as the backbone of the English language

Referring to the grammar section or commonly referred to as the part of speech, of course, we can realize that grammar is an important thing that must be mastered in English. In the meantime, go to http://britishlifeskills.com to find a trusted English exam test for getting the UK visa officially.

It is because many people find it difficult when they have to master grammar which in fact has 8 parts of part of speech, they are lazy to learn and practice, even though, there are many tips that can make us able to master grammar easily on the internet.

Apart from that, this Grammar has 8 parts or commonly called part of speech, including:


By understanding each part of the grammar, it will be a lot easier for anyone, especially the foreigners to learn more about the proper way of speaking and listening in English. So it’s basically the backbone of the language itself. Although many westerners can understand English with broken grammar, it’s still inappropriate for foreigners to speak with such a bad language quality in front of British and American, especially for the formal businesses. That’s why learning and mastering grammar is necessary, especially for those who want to live in the countries such as the USA and the UK.