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What to Prepare Well for Your Umrah

Do you plan to benefit from http://www.hajjandumrah.com/umrah-packages? There may be some of you who in the near future plan to make an Umrah trip to the Holy Land. Well, before starting the spiritual journey in Mecca and Medina, it’s good to know some important things that will help you when you are in the holy land of Mecca beside learning about Umrah itself

Find good worship partners

If you leave Umrah with other people, make sure they are people who can be good worship partners. Having the right partner could make your Umrah run as well as you expect. They will motivate you forTahajjud in Haram, do additional Tawaf, wake you up at dawn, and encourage you to do other positive things while in the Holy Land.

Know the rules of Ihram

Understand all the rules about Ihram. For example, you are prohibited from using scented soap when Ihram. You should try to get some perfumed soap before you go.