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These Are Two Materials Commonly Used For Plastic Surgery In Breasts

For women, appearance is indeed something that must be considered. So, plastic surgery is no longer a surprise for women. One of the surgeries performed is breast surgery. The thing you should pay attention to when doing so is choosing the right surgeon. You can choose Dr. Peter Fodor for maximum results.

For breast surgery, there are two choices you can use.

1. Silicone or saline
There are many people who have had plastic surgery on their breasts using silicon. The silicone implant will indeed make the air look like the original. However, if it breaks, it is difficult to know. Meanwhile, saline implants will be quickly known if there is a leak because it is usually characterized by a decreased breast size.

2. After undergoing plastic surgery, exercise is limited
Exercise especially cardio cannot be done about a week after surgery. Most new patients can exercise normally 12 weeks after breast plastic surgery.