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Why the Quran was sent down to mankind with the Arabic language

In this world, we have so many languages that we can use to communicate with each other today. However, despite the fact that we’ve got the English as one of the easiest languages to be learned and used for quite a long time, Allah has chosen Quran to be sent down and written in Arabic. The question is, why, and what are the benefits of choosing the Middle East language compared to the others. In the meantime, you may also want to try the online Arabic learning to understand the Quran better.

In the Quran surah Ibrahim, chapter 4, Allah mentions that He didn’t send down any messenger unless with the languages of their own people. This is can actually be necessary, so the people who lived in the regions where the prophets were sent could understand the Quran easily, quickly, and with the lowest risk of misunderstanding. Furthermore, since Rasulullah Muhammad Peace Be Upon Him was an Arab, it’s obvious that the starting point of his broadcast of the message will be in that country itself.

Don’t forget that the Arabic languages also have the complete and complex system, either in its structure and vocabulary, so all things can be explained to all Mankind as detailed as possible.