Things about the domain and its supports in hosting services

Has it ever crossed your mind when you want to make a website that is more professional but your bag is thin to rent hosting? It’s sad … However, the good news is if you use a hosting service that has the addon domain feature, you can upload / online your website on the hosting that you have ordered before. In the meantime, perhaps you also want to check out the $1 hosting.

In essence, the add-on domain is a feature that allows you to use 1 hosting for multiple domains. So, you don’t need to rent hosting again to place your new website. You can use the same hosting. But, the risk is quite large.

If one of your websites is exposed to malware, then another website will also be exposed to malware or if one website creates a high load on the server, another website will have a problem.

My advice, you better use 1 hosting for 1 domain only if you want your website to be more stable and not easy to down.

Aside from that, consider the Softaculous Support as well.

Is that softaculous? Softaculous is a feature/software that allows you to install CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, etc. Many hosting service providers in your country and abroad have provided Softaculous for its users.

If you use a web hosting that has this feature, then you are easier to install CMS and do not need to configure the database, etc.

But if you understand database and programming, it might not matter if your hosting does not have Softaculous features. But, it will be more effective to use softaculous.

Furthermore, the free domain should be considered too.

Of course, it will be troublesome if you have rented hosting but still have to pay for the domain. The price will be more expensive if you have to rent a hosting that is not yet within a domain because you will pay for the domain which is accumulated will be more expensive.

Now, there are also many hosting providers who provide free domains if they use their own hosting, for example, the best, in my opinion, is Niagahoster.

You better look for web hosting services that provide free domains if you rent their hosting.

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