Tips On Making Your Own Solar Panels

Today, people can acquire solar panels or solar cells in electrical stores with ease as demand for these goods increases. This is what drives many manufacturers to produce solar panels in large numbers. Basically, factory-made solar panels are made of high-tech processed silicon material that produces great energy. When it comes to the use of solar panel, you can also benefit from sun2solar pool covers. So, how to make it in your own way? Here are the steps how to make a simple solar panels:

– Wash hands first before handling the materials of the solar panel so that no fat or oil will stick
– Cut off copper wire of the exact same size as the size of the heating panels present in the electric stove
– Copper that has been cut and then cleaned by using a sandpaper or wire brush so that no dirt that can inhibit the process of solar energy absorption
– After the copper is cleaned then put on top of the electric stove and burn with the highest voltage.
– Perform this combustion process for 30 minutes until the copper layer turns black.
– After the combustion process is complete, then leave the copper layer to cool naturally for about 20 minutes. Once cool the copper layer will be wrinkled so that the oxide layer shrinks.
– Wash and scrape copper slowly by hand under running water, in this process never stretch the copper layer as it may damage the corpus oxide layers needed in the manufacture of cheap solar panels.
– Cut another copper sheet the size of the first copper then bend both copper sheets first and second copper then insert into plastic bottle. Keep both copper out of touch with each other.
– Attach the crocodile claws to the first copper sheet and to the second copper sheet, then attach the cable from the second copper to the positive terminal and the first copper cable that has been burned to the negative terminal of the ammeter.
– Enter the heated salt water into the bottle carefully and do not wet the crocodile claws, other than that the salt water size should not drown the entire copper plate.
– Test a simple solar panel that has been made by putting it under the sun then the resulting power will increase about 33 micro amper.

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